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    Our 3 golden rules @ jerky gold –

    #1. Quality – we use ingredients we can be proud of. No nitrates or nitrites and no added msg.

    #2. Experience – your home will smell amazing and everyone will ask for more of your homemade jerky.

    #3. Flavor –  our golden family recipes will turn fresh meat of your choice into jerky gold. Always bold and not the same old

    Our team consists of avid hunters, backyard bbquru’s, and flavor masters, who know what real jerky should taste like. We spend our time scouting, setting stands and getting up at 4:00am because we enjoy the payoff; meat in the freezer. We certainly aren’t going to waste our time by putting our hard-earned meat in some inferior marinade. No sir. Only the best will do, plain and simple.

    Homemade stacks instead of pre packed scraps.

    It’s easy to make great homemade jerky. We teach you how. On every label of every bottle we sell.

“The combination of popular jerky ingredients such as the aforementioned: soy sauce, garlic, hickory and even onion worked in perfect synchronization. The resulting jerky captured all the flavor notes from the marinade, with literally nothing left behind. I would classify the highly tasty dried meat snack produced as, “classic/original” and “trail” style jerky”

The Jerky Report