January 2015

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  • Jerky Dry Mix…RC Parks

    Just an old school picture of when RC Parks Authentic Jerky Juice was sold in a dry mix!  Check out the Scovie Award winner sticker from 2003!                                          

  • Turkey Jerky. Celebrity Turkey Hunt.

        Back in the era of RC Parks Authentic Jerky Juice we spent a lot of time at the Celebrity Turkey Hunts the Clare family (owners of Turkey Trot Acress) used to put on.  Turkey Trot Acres is one of the premiere turkey hunting destinations in the USA. Jim Varney from the Ernest movies, […]

  • Smoked…Jerky…Gold

      Add more smoke to your jerky gold? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? No…It’s the best! Some of our biggest fans put their jerky gold in the smoker. Here’s the quick instructions on how to add more flavor to your jerky gold! SOAK MEAT OVERNIGHT IN JERKY GOLD (BEFORE YOU PUT IN YOUR OVEN OR DEHYDRATOR) […]

  • Internet homemade jerky recipes vs jerky gold recipe…

    One can google jerky recipes all day long. You can spend upwards of $10.00 on ingredients alone…not only that, but end result can be disastrous tasting results.  Why make a recipe you found online? Maybe you have the ingredients at home. But if you want to taste something great, buy yourself a bottle of jerky gold […]

  • Jerky Up Magazine Article

    A magazine about jerky?  Well, Jerky Up magazine is the first magazine published about jerky. Jerky Gold Marinade has an article in the 1st issue! On their website www.jerkyup.com you can download a PDF copy of the magazine or get a hard copy in the mail.  The PDF is $5.99 and a hard copy mailed […]