February 2015

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  • Hunting/Fishing/Kitchen Knives

    Every hunter, fisherman, and kitchen aficionado needs a good filet/boning knife! The following list of knifes are pretty awesome ones.  These companies offer high quality, durable, lightweight and sharp knives! These blades are serious stuff! Some have serrated edges, some don’t. You have great options, that’s the awesome thing about the internet. You’re not stuck […]

  • Food Dehydrators for making the best homemade jerky!

    We love our dehydrators. We use several brands (most on this list) and by no means is this a commercial for any company over the other. This is just insight into the market of dehydrators for a customer looking to purchase a dehydrator to make jerky with! Most include 4 trays for a “base model” […]