March 2015

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  • Hot Pepper Jerky Gold Steak

    We marinated a london broil in some jerky gold and other ingredients! It was delicious. Check out the recipe below. It’s real quick and easy and tastes great! jerkysteakvid (Check out this video of the steak on the grill!)   HOT PEPPER JERKY GOLD STEAK   RECIPE 1.  Use fresh meat. We used a 1.5lb […]

  • Vacuum sealer/Vacuum sealed marinated meat/jerky

    Whether you want your food/jerky to last longer, or to have your steaks and jerky soak up your jerky gold marinade and seasonings better, vacuum sealers are the answer! Venison, beef, elk, duck, turkey jerky! Keep it fresh! Marinate a steak or  roast! Homemade jerky! One can spend anywhere from $50-500 on a vacuum sealer. […]

  • New JGM pictures!

    Check out some of these pics…some are from retailers, some are from fans! Have ideas for a blog/story? E-mail us at   And keep submitting your pictures and feedback to us!