August 2015

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  • Cuts of beef to use for making beef jerky!

      Many times throughout the years I’ve heard people say “I don’t know how to make beef jerky…but I like to eat it.” Other times I’d hear “Jerky is hard to make.  I don’t know what meat to use for making it and I don’t have a slicer or a dehydrator.” These are excuses. The […]

  • Amazing pork tenderloin recipe with Jerky Gold

      Our customer Mike shared his amazing recipe for Pork Tenderloin marinated/seasoned in Jerky Gold Marinade with some old bay seasoning and black pepper!  He said it was amazing!  See below for recipe! Pork Tenderloin marinated/seasoned in Jerky Gold Recipe: 1. Pour 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup (1/2 cup is better) of jerky gold into […]

  • The best homemade jerky recipe right here!

    Do you want quality tasting jerky without sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate? Jerky Gold is your answer. If you make your own jerky, that’s awesome.  But, if you haven’t found the right recipe or brand of jerky seasoning we take one less step out of your jerky making experience. Just shake up the bottle and […]

  • The originial Jerky juice/jerky marinade/jerky seasoning

    When it comes to jerky, great quality tasting jerky is the only option! Nobody has time to buy some terrible tasting dry jerky mix, or other liquid marinade substandard mix.  Let alone waste upwards of $20.00 just on ingredients for a recipe they found on google. We encourage anyone that hasn’t tried Jerky Gold to […]

  • The best turkey jerky!

    Want to make/eat the best turkey jerky you’ve ever had? Jerky Gold has the answer to that question!   After marinating/seasoning the turkey meat in Jerky Gold some of our customers put their jerky in the smoke at 160 for about 4 hours. The results are amazing. This will make the best turkey jerky you’ve […]