September 2015

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  • The original jerky gold authentic jerky juice/jerky marinade/jerky seasoning

    Gold is a beautiful and precious metal. People don’t mention a silver standard. There’s only one standard.  That’s the Gold Standard. We wouldn’t call our product Jerky Gold Authentic Jerky Juice/Jerky Marinade/Jerky seasoning if we didn’t have a reason to. You want to taste a recipe that will make your taste buds experience the ultimate […]

  • Amazing homemade jerky marinade & seasoning recipe

      How many times have you tried to make jerky and had unsatisfactory results?  How many times have you tried a store bought jerky marinade or jerky seasoning and been disappointed? The jerky gold marinade/jerky seasoning was discovered many years ago by our great, great, great grandfather. We share that same recipe in each bottle […]

  • Jerky Marinade & Jerky seasonings/Jerky

    Jerky is for anyone who likes jerky! Beef, deer (venison), elk, turkey, goose, duck, other wild game jerky makes an amazing meat snack! As hunting season approaches our crew looks forward to hunting deer to stock our freezers with meat for making jerky and other amazing recipes for our families and friends! Remember this. You […]

  • The ultimate jerky marinade/jerky seasoning

    With hunting season having started in some parts of the USA right now as we type this many of you are planning on making jerky with your meat from your harvest. No nitrates or nitrites in our marinade. No added curing salts. Just shake up the bottle and pour onto your meat and let it […]