November 2015

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  • The options for knives to use for cutting jerky meat are pretty awesome!  Take a look at this knife! Thanks to our customer Tim for the awesome pictures!

    Homemade Jerky recipe

    When you make jerky at home you gain a new appreciation for the snack food. It’s also an amazing feeling to use fresh meat of your choice. Whether you hunted it in the woods or searched for the best cut of meat at the butcher shops. Family traditions are born everyday. Experience jerky making as […]

  • Jerky gold marinated burgers and chicken on the grill!  Tastes really damn good!

    Grilled burgers & grilled chicken

    Mix jerky gold marinade into ground hamburger and with some boneless skinless chicken breasts. In this picture submitted by customer Paul, he used 1.5 LBS of ground hamburger and 1.5LBS of boneless skinless chicken breasts. For the burger he poured in 1/3 cup jerky gold mixed in some bread crumbs with the burger and for […]

  • There's only one standard for making homemade jerky. 

The best homemade jerky recipe is in a bottle.  The gold standard of jerky is Jerky Gold Marinade/Authentic jerky juice.  Take care of your taste buds.

    Famous jerky recipe

    So you’re looking for a homemade jerky recipe on google right now, aren’t you? It’s astounding how many varieties of recipes their are available. Overwhelming, actually. STOP Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Imagine you’re standing on a friends back deck and they’re grilling some steaks and smoking meat in their smoker. Sounds like […]

  • Customer Chris added some extra heat to his jerky made with jerky gold marinade!  He said he added some sweet and some heat and had some just plain original jerky and thought it was all great.  He looks forward to making jerky with our jerky marinade again.

    Sweet and spicy jerky

    The Original jerky marinade/jerky seasoning we presently sell on our website packs a delicious hickory flavored jerky. A few customers love to add extra ingredients to our marinade when making jerky. We say, go for it! Our recipe is designed so that if you want to add some spicy heat or add some sweet, it […]

  • Do you want to make jerky? Do you want the best flavored jerky for your dollar? Experience jerky gold. The best jerky marinade/jerky seasoning. Every step and many methods for making jerky are right here on our website.  With some help from our brand advocates such as the Home Cookin' Huntter and The Grilling Network, they even provide videos on how to make jerky using jerky gold.  You'll be surprised at how easy and amazing of an experience jerky making is. Great jerky starts with jerky gold!

    Best beef jerky

    Great jerky starts HERE with Jerky Gold Never made jerky before?  That’s okay.  There’s a first time for everything. Food is experiencing a revolution. Especially beef jerky. More people are spending their time and money on making jerky themselves. This enables quality control in your hands.  You get to decide what type of fresh meat […]