January 2016

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  • Venison seasonings

    Venison jerky, marinated back straps.  Delicious. You spent many hours in the woods and lots of money on hunting gear. You may have got that big 10 point buck you’ve chased the last 2 years through the woods of your favorite hunting spot. Maybe you didn’t get the big buck. But when it comes to […]

  • Jerky

    The first time you ate jerky is etched into your memory forever. Either it was a good experience, or a bad one. You may have tried to make a better flavor. You may have continued to buy that jerky for years to come. Here at jerky gold, we’re focused on one thing, with our jerky […]

  • Beef Jerky Seasonings

    Turn any fresh beef, bear, elk, turkey, venison, moose, or duck into great jerky! Some of our customers have even made beaver jerky! The best time to try is now.  You’re reading this. Go ahead, click buy! Your tastebuds will thank you!    

  • Bubba Blade/Jerky Gold twitter contest

    You wanted the best, well, you’ve got it. This is a a great contest put on by Bubba Blade! The best and sharpest knives your money can buy and the best jerky marinade/jerky seasoning your money can buy! Follow Bubba Blade on twitter (@bubbablade) and retweet this post for your chance to win! It’s easy! […]

  • Sportsman Channel/Julie Mcqueen

    Brotherhood outdoors is a fantastic program on the Sportsman Channel. It’s quite an honor when lethal,versatile and huntress steps into her kitchen to make jerky. Not just any jerky, but jerky gold marinade!  This is an awesome picture. We wonder if she saved any for her husband Daniel Lee Martin (Hope he got to eat […]