February 2016

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  • This is a great jerky making picture! Love it! Cooking the jerky right in the oven! No dehydrator required!

    Make jerky in oven

      HOW TO MAKE JERKY IN THE OVEN! You don’t need a dehydrator to make beef, turkey, elk, deer (venison), goose, duck or antelope jerky! 99% of homes in the USA have an oven! On every label of every bottle we provide instructions with how to make jerky in the oven! And our website is […]

  • Delicious jerky gold picture submitted from our customer Brian!

    Goose jerky

    TRUE STORY A few years back at an outdoor show, a man in his early 60’s approached our booth.  He asked to sample a piece of jerky gold. As he was chewing the piece of jerky he stared at me intensely. “Where are you from and what’s your name?” asked the man. I told him […]