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  • Jerky Marinade flavor hit

    The Italian. AKA, the flavor HIT. It has a perfect balance of Italian herbs and spices. It packs a HIT of heat at the end of each bite for a fresh out of the oven type feel. You don’t have to be a mountain man or a butcher to make great jerky at home. You […]

  • Jerky Recipes

    The Italian. You won’t find this recipe in jerky cookbooks. You won’t find this flavor jerky in the store with this intense of a taste (until a jerky brand tries to come out with their own “Italian”). This is one of a kind. You will find it highly addictive. It’s got the perfect pop of […]

  • Making jerky

    As you browse the internet for tips on “making jerky” stop for a moment and stare at this picture. This could be you making jerky at home. Your kitchen will smell amazing. Use fresh meat of your choice. This can be your kitchen with great finished jerky results. If only you could smell this picture […]

  • Best homemade jerky 101

    Googling jerky recipes is tiresome! Not only that, it’s expensive to buy random ingredients and mix them together in hopes of having great tasting jerky at home… We’re going to help you out right now. You, your friends, and family members. Make the best venison jerky, turkey jerky, elk jerky, beef jerky, bear jerky, goose […]

  • Make jerky in oven

      HOW TO MAKE JERKY IN THE OVEN! You don’t need a dehydrator to make beef, turkey, elk, deer (venison), goose, duck or antelope jerky! 99% of homes in the USA have an oven! On every label of every bottle we provide instructions with how to make jerky in the oven! And our website is […]

  • Goose jerky

    TRUE STORY A few years back at an outdoor show, a man in his early 60’s approached our booth.  He asked to sample a piece of jerky gold. As he was chewing the piece of jerky he stared at me intensely. “Where are you from and what’s your name?” asked the man. I told him […]

  • Venison seasonings

    Venison jerky, marinated back straps.  Delicious. You spent many hours in the woods and lots of money on hunting gear. You may have got that big 10 point buck you’ve chased the last 2 years through the woods of your favorite hunting spot. Maybe you didn’t get the big buck. But when it comes to […]

  • Jerky

    The first time you ate jerky is etched into your memory forever. Either it was a good experience, or a bad one. You may have tried to make a better flavor. You may have continued to buy that jerky for years to come. Here at jerky gold, we’re focused on one thing, with our jerky […]