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    Want to make/eat the best turkey jerky you’ve ever had? Jerky Gold has the answer to that question!   After marinating/seasoning the turkey meat in Jerky Gold some of our customers put their jerky in the smoke at 160 for about 4 hours. The results are amazing. This will make the best turkey jerky you’ve […]

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  • homecookinghunterpic

      Now this is an amazing review of our product from the famous Home Cookin’ Hunter.  He has the knowledge and professional experience to know what is and isn’t good!  The one thing we can say is after you’ve watched this video you’ll want to order up some Jerky Gold Marinade and buy a bubba […]

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    Experience the best beef jerky for yourself! Here’s some great jerky gold pictures! We’ve said it many times as our customers have also. You want the best jerky recipe on the internet. Here you go. You want the best tasting beef jerky seasoning. Here you go. You want the best beef jerky marinade available. Here […]

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    The home cookin’ hunter reviews the best meat slicing knife on the market..Bubba Blade knives! In his youtube video he demonstrates that ANYONE can slice meat into jerky cuts by hand using a Bubba Blade knife! He talks about the 9″ Bubba Blade stiffie and the flex knife. We’ve used Bubba Blade knives before for […]

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    Make great jerky or make great dinner! Customers use our jerky marinade/jerky seasoning for a variety of applications aside from making jerky! Our customer/fan Mike made some jerk chicken using Jerky Gold Marinade/Jerky seasonings! Easy Instructions: 1. Use 1-4lbs of fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts 2. Place meat into bowl 3. Shake bottle of Jerky […]

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    We got an awesome e-mail from our customer Alexandra recently! She makes the best homemade beef jerky sticks using jerky gold marinade/jerky seasonings and a cookie extractor! It’s easy to make the best beef jerky sticks with the best beef jerky marinade/recipe online! 1. Use fresh ground hamburger (at minimum 90% lean 10% fat) 2. […]

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    The best beef jerky recipe is not found on google. The best beef jerky marinade/jerky seasoning is found on google. If you have a Viking oven, a General Electric Oven, a Nesco Dehydrator or even an Excalibur Dehydrator…the job of making jerky at home can be done…EASILY. Take a look at this best beef jerky […]