• Jerky Gold frosting!  On a cupcake! Thanks to our customer Grace for the recipe and picture!  Watch out maple bacon flavored desserts!  Here comes jerky gold flavored desserts! Delicious!

        To all the parents and sweet tooth fans out there this is truly something amazing! Check out our recipe from our customer/fan, Grace, she made a frosting using Jerky Gold Marinade and put it on cupcakes! Grace said she used a box mix for her cupcakes, she said feel free to make a […]

  • Food Saver Vacuum sealer. Always do your research before purchasing a vacuum sealer that best suits your need!

    Whether you want your food/jerky to last longer, or to have your steaks and jerky soak up your jerky gold marinade and seasonings better, vacuum sealers are the answer! Venison, beef, elk, duck, turkey jerky! Keep it fresh! Marinate a steak or  roast! Homemade jerky! One can spend anywhere from $50-500 on a vacuum sealer. […]

  • Venison Tenderloin recipe homemade with a splash of jerky gold and a bourbon balsamic reduction! Courtesy of our friend the Home Cookin Hunter!  Make sure to suscribe to his youtube channel and follow him on instagram and like his facebook page!

    The Home Cookin Hunter’s homemade recipe  for Venison Tenderloin and a splash of Jerky Gold with a bourbon balsamic reduction! Make sure you cook this one up for dinner! Very tasty!  See recipe below! We are also pleased to announce that we are the official Jerky Marinade sponsor for the Home Cookin Hunter! Stay tuned […]

  • Nice pic from our fan Mike!  He knows what makes the best elk jerky!

    Check out some of these pics…some are from retailers, some are from fans! Have ideas for a blog/story? E-mail us at   And keep submitting your pictures and feedback to us!  

  • Huntaholics Outdoors! Make sure you like their facebook page and google them for their website! Great crew/team of hunters and wild game cooks! Tell them jerky gold sent you!  They're from the state of Washington but hunt all over the USA!

    This sums it up right here! Huntaholics Outdoors has the right idea! Make sure you check out their website/facebook page also!  Tell em Jerky Gold sent you!

  • The Bubba blade 9 inch FLEX Blade Fillet Knife – This knife is designed for the fisherman that likes some flex to the blade. Excellent for filleting fish of all sizes. This knife is SHARP, EFFECTIVE, AND LOOKS READY TO SLICE UP SHARKS! Also comes in the STIFFIE version.  (visit to check out more information and buy a blade from them!)

    Every hunter, fisherman, and kitchen aficionado needs a good filet/boning knife! The following list of knifes are pretty awesome ones.  These companies offer high quality, durable, lightweight and sharp knives! These blades are serious stuff! Some have serrated edges, some don’t. You have great options, that’s the awesome thing about the internet. You’re not stuck […]

  • 4 Tray Excalibur dehydrator

    We love our dehydrators. We use several brands (most on this list) and by no means is this a commercial for any company over the other. This is just insight into the market of dehydrators for a customer looking to purchase a dehydrator to make jerky with! Most include 4 trays for a “base model” […]

  • rcparksdrymix

    Just an old school picture of when RC Parks Authentic Jerky Juice was sold in a dry mix!  Check out the Scovie Award winner sticker from 2003!                                          

  • turkeytrotacrespic

        Back in the era of RC Parks Authentic Jerky Juice we spent a lot of time at the Celebrity Turkey Hunts the Clare family (owners of Turkey Trot Acress) used to put on.  Turkey Trot Acres is one of the premiere turkey hunting destinations in the USA. Jim Varney from the Ernest movies, […]

  • jerkysmoked

      Add more smoke to your jerky gold? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? No…It’s the best! Some of our biggest fans put their jerky gold in the smoker. Here’s the quick instructions on how to add more flavor to your jerky gold! SOAK MEAT OVERNIGHT IN JERKY GOLD (BEFORE YOU PUT IN YOUR OVEN OR DEHYDRATOR) […]

  • moregoldmaking

    One can google jerky recipes all day long. You can spend upwards of $10.00 on ingredients alone…not only that, but end result can be disastrous tasting results.  Why make a recipe you found online? Maybe you have the ingredients at home. But if you want to taste something great, buy yourself a bottle of jerky gold […]

  • jerkyarticleforfbooktwitt

    A magazine about jerky?  Well, Jerky Up magazine is the first magazine published about jerky. Jerky Gold Marinade has an article in the 1st issue! On their website you can download a PDF copy of the magazine or get a hard copy in the mail.  The PDF is $5.99 and a hard copy mailed […]