• Jerky seasoning/jerky recipe

    Are you searching for a great tasting jerky seasoning, jerky marinade or jerky recipe? Many people have made jerky with unsatisfactory results.  People buy store bought dry seasonings or google online recipes that have expensive ingredients and tasteless flavor. Do you want a great mild hickory flavor jerky seasoning/jerky marinade/jerky recipe with no weird chemical […]

  • Eating Jerky

    Eat jerky. Jerky that you made yourself at home. Think about this. By making and eating jerky you made on your own, you acquired some new traits. Once you make jerky it’s like riding a bicycle, you never forget.  When you make your own jerky at home the taste is out of this world (if […]

  • Making jerky with the seasoning Jerky Gold Marinade

    Recently while at a gun/knife show we heard a few entertaining statements about making jerky.  We’re going to share a few examples. “I usually pay the butcher to make jerky sticks.  That stuff is expensive.  I need to start making my own jerky.” This customer tasted some jerky gold and bought a few bottles on […]

  • Venison and beef jerky

    When you make a food dish and eat the food. How often do you want to make and eat more of it? If the taste of the food is great I’m sure your response is immediately that you want more of that flavor. Many of our customers are returning customers. Some customers meet us at […]

  • Chicken Wings recipe

      The best tasting chicken wings you’ll eat includes jerky gold marinade as the main ingredient for the recipe!  And we’re sharing it right here on our website.  Delicious, you have to try this!  Experience a savory amazingly tasty experience using Jerky Gold Marinade/jerky seasoning for your chicken wings!   The recipe is below! Enjoy! […]

  • Meat in the freezer = jerky

      The best time of the year is here.  When your freezer is loaded up from this years hunts. That means deer (venison), turkey, elk, bear, duck, and beef jerky! You spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on hunting and butchering meat from your hunts. Not to mention lots of time. Instead […]

  • The original jerky gold authentic jerky juice/jerky marinade/jerky seasoning

    Gold is a beautiful and precious metal. People don’t mention a silver standard. There’s only one standard.  That’s the Gold Standard. We wouldn’t call our product Jerky Gold Authentic Jerky Juice/Jerky Marinade/Jerky seasoning if we didn’t have a reason to. You want to taste a recipe that will make your taste buds experience the ultimate […]

  • Amazing homemade jerky marinade & seasoning recipe

      How many times have you tried to make jerky and had unsatisfactory results?  How many times have you tried a store bought jerky marinade or jerky seasoning and been disappointed? The jerky gold marinade/jerky seasoning was discovered many years ago by our great, great, great grandfather. We share that same recipe in each bottle […]

  • Jerky Marinade & Jerky seasonings/Jerky

    Jerky is for anyone who likes jerky! Beef, deer (venison), elk, turkey, goose, duck, other wild game jerky makes an amazing meat snack! As hunting season approaches our crew looks forward to hunting deer to stock our freezers with meat for making jerky and other amazing recipes for our families and friends! Remember this. You […]

  • The ultimate jerky marinade/jerky seasoning

    With hunting season having started in some parts of the USA right now as we type this many of you are planning on making jerky with your meat from your harvest. No nitrates or nitrites in our marinade. No added curing salts. Just shake up the bottle and pour onto your meat and let it […]

  • Cuts of beef to use for making beef jerky!

      Many times throughout the years I’ve heard people say “I don’t know how to make beef jerky…but I like to eat it.” Other times I’d hear “Jerky is hard to make.  I don’t know what meat to use for making it and I don’t have a slicer or a dehydrator.” These are excuses. The […]

  • Amazing pork tenderloin recipe with Jerky Gold

      Our customer Mike shared his amazing recipe for Pork Tenderloin marinated/seasoned in Jerky Gold Marinade with some old bay seasoning and black pepper!  He said it was amazing!  See below for recipe! Pork Tenderloin marinated/seasoned in Jerky Gold Recipe: 1. Pour 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup (1/2 cup is better) of jerky gold into […]