• Beef Jerky!

      Jerky eaters all love beef jerky. You can have just beef jerky and then you can have the best beef jerky. When you buy a bottle of jerky gold you’re buying an experience that won’t let you down.  We provide simple instructions on how to make jerky in your own oven. If you have […]

  • Pork Steak marinated/seasoned with Jerky Gold Marinade!

    When we first saw these pictures from our customer John in Missouri we immediately began to drool. Instantly thinking they were pork “chops” we were informed by John that this cut of meat is not a “pork chop”. A pork steak is a cut from the pork shoulder, not the loin.  This is a very […]

  • The famous home cookin’ hunter new video about using Jerky Gold on fish/veggies

    The home cookin’ hunter is a food magician!  He can transform wild game/fish into anything delightfully tasty! He manages to use jerky gold marinade/jerky seasonings for many dishes other than just making beef jerky, turkey jerky, or venison jerky! Check out his new youtube video featuring Jerky Gold Marinade/Jerky seasonings and make sure you like […]

  • Marinating/Seasoning and grillin Vegetables with Jerky Gold!

    The almighty Home Cookin’ Hunter (Joel Lickliter) is at it again using Jerky Gold Marinade! For those who thought our product is just for meat…well…The Home Cookin’ Hunter has shown a different method to using the Jerky Gold Marinade/Jerky Seasonings. We’ve coined term for him as  “chamelonic, hybrid home cookin’ hunter”! An army of home […]

  • New customer submitted jerky gold marinade/jerky gold seasonings pictures!

    We always love getting cool pics from our customers! They are the BEST photographers and have the most innovative uses of our product! Check out the Jerky Gold Marinade/jerky seasoning steak picture! Best seasoned steak for a BBQ/Party/Cookout is a Jerky Gold Marinated/Jerky seasoned one! Chuck said “Best steak sauce you can use!  Even added […]

  • Jerky Gold Marinade seasoned Hamburger (The Incrediburger)!

    Have a burger seasoned in jerky gold marinade is the best burger you’ll ever have!  Cook it on the grill this spring/summer and your guests will be amazed! We have the ultimate recipe for your summer hamburgers right here! THE INCREDIBURGER RECIPE 1 LB of Fresh Ground Beef 1/4 cup (we like ours stronger so […]

  • Beef, Turkey, Deer Jerky Gold Marinade/Seasonings

    Our customers and fans are fantastic photographers and we are thankful for them to share their experiences with us! These two fans/customers made some turkey jerky, beef jerky, deer jerky (venison jerky) using Jerky Gold Marinade/Jerky Seasonings. They know the best homemade jerky recipe is in a bottle of Jerky Gold Marinade/Jerky Seasonings! Make great […]

  • Jules Mcqueen makes Stir Fry with Jerky Gold/Turkey Jerky Gold

    We are honored to see the great Jules Mcqueen of Brotherhood Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel giving Jerky Gold Marinade/Seasonings a try making some stir fry while on the road!  Wow!  Very cool.  We’ll include a picture from her instagram.  Homemade jerky gold marinade stir fry on the road!  Yum! Our good friend the Home […]

  • Jerky Gold seasoned Sandwich spread/Dipping Sauce

    Attention all Parents, non parents, sandwich lovers, dipping sauce lovers! This is a quick and delicious recipe to have some jerky gold flavored sandwich spread or dipping sauce! Works great on any sandwich (hoagie/sub) for that extra seasoning or use it to dip some chicken tenders in!  You won’t regret it! Recipe courtesy of our […]

  • Pictures from customers/fans!

    Some of our fans/customers take the best pictures using our product! We’re pleased and lucky to have the opportunity to share with everyone on our website!  Thanks again to John and Jeremiah for the pictures! John said he’s making some venison jerky! Jeremiah said he’s coming up with a surprise recipe for using Jerky Gold! […]

  • Hot Pepper Jerky Gold Steak

    We marinated a london broil in some jerky gold and other ingredients! It was delicious. Check out the recipe below. It’s real quick and easy and tastes great! jerkysteakvid (Check out this video of the steak on the grill!)   HOT PEPPER JERKY GOLD STEAK   RECIPE 1.  Use fresh meat. We used a 1.5lb […]