• Jerky Gold Frosting (Frosted Jerky Gold Cupcake recipe)

        To all the parents and sweet tooth fans out there this is truly something amazing! Check out our recipe from our customer/fan, Grace, she made a frosting using Jerky Gold Marinade and put it on cupcakes! Grace said she used a box mix for her cupcakes, she said feel free to make a […]

  • The Home Cookin Hunter’s Recipe for dinner (Using Jerky Gold)

    The Home Cookin Hunter’s homemade recipe  for Venison Tenderloin and a splash of Jerky Gold with a bourbon balsamic reduction! Make sure you cook this one up for dinner! Very tasty!  See recipe below! We are also pleased to announce that we are the official Jerky Marinade sponsor for the Home Cookin Hunter! Stay tuned […]

  • Jerky Up Magazine Article

    A magazine about jerky?  Well, Jerky Up magazine is the first magazine published about jerky. Jerky Gold Marinade has an article in the 1st issue! On their website you can download a PDF copy of the magazine or get a hard copy in the mail.  The PDF is $5.99 and a hard copy mailed […]