Food Dehydrators for making jerky

We love our dehydrators. We use several brands (most on this list) and by no means is this a commercial for any company over the other. This is just insight into the market of dehydrators for a customer looking to purchase a dehydrator to make jerky with! Most include 4 trays for a “base model” dehydrator. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dehydrating times/temperatures.

A dehydrator is similar to anything else you buy. One can get a dehydrator for $40.00 at Walmart or spend as much as $600…

Dehydrators with top fans or fans in the back are preferable. Standard settings for jerky dehydrating on most dehydrators with temperature control adjustments. 160 is the norm for dehydrating jerky in the oven or dehydrator. Follow the instructions in the box for making jerky!

Each one on this list is less than $200.00 and most can be bought on the manufacturer’s websites or at local retail stores in your town.

Remember, if you don’t want to shell out the cash for a dehydrator on each bottle of Jerky Gold Marinade is instructions how to make jerky in your oven!

****DISCLAIMER***** These pictures are for visuals of dehydrator brands out there only.  Always do your research about dehydrators and their capabilities for dehydrating jerky before purchasing! If you can’t find your answers on google, call the manufacturer you’re interested in and ask questions or e-mail them!

4 Tray Excalibur dehydrator

4 Tray Excalibur dehydrator (The almighty Excalibur! We will say that Excalibur is one hell of a dehydrator for jerky!)

Nesco Food Harvest 4 Tray

Nesco Food Harvest 4 Tray

Ron Popeil's beef jerky dehydrator! (His dehydrators are solid)

Ron Popeil’s beef jerky dehydrator! (His dehydrators are solid)


Weston Dehydrator

Weston Dehydrator

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