Ground hamburger Jerky

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  • How to make ground hamburger Jerky (And you don’t need a jerky gun!)

    1. Use 1-3 lbs. of 90% lean 10% fat ground hamburger (ground venison and turkey works great also. leaner the better)
    2. For every one pound of meat use 1/8th cup of Jerky Gold Marinade.
    3. Mix marinade in meat with your hands.
    4. Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper spray wax paper with nonstick spray.
    5. Place meat on wax paper. Then place another layer of wax paper on top of meat and flatten with rolling pin (If you don’t have a rolling pin, improvise with another kitchen item).
    6. Make sure thickness is about ¼ inch for meat.
    7. Place in freezer for 45 minutes to an hour (however long it takes to get partially frozen).
    8. Once frozen use knife to cut jerky strips.
    9. For oven use set oven to 160 degrees and cook for 6-12 hours. Check the jerky periodically, you don’t want the jerky to be too dry!

    For dehydrator use spray your trays with non-stick spray before placing meat on trays. Follow manufacturer’s directions for best results. We’d say 6-12 hours dry time but always check on your jerky periodically to be safe!