Turkey Trot Acres Hunting Destination




Jim Varney signed bottle on the left and Roland Martin in the foreground


Turkey Trot Acres. Candor, NY

Back in the era of RC Parks Authentic Jerky Juice we spent a lot of time at the Celebrity Turkey Hunts the Clare family (owners of Turkey Trot Acress) used to put on.  Turkey Trot Acres is one of the premiere turkey hunting destinations in the USA. Jim Varney from the Ernest movies, Roland Martin the famous fisherman, both signed some bottles at the event one year when we were there.  Both great guys. Other notable celebrities that have been to Turkey Trot Acres are Mike Strahan (formerly of the New York Giants), Jay Novacek (Formerly of the Dallas Cowboys) to name just a few. Turkey Trot Acres is an awesome place overall.  Great hunting, food, lodging, and you can even have a wedding reception there or see a live band! They are big fans of Jerky Gold also and carry it at their lodge. They use it when they make turkey, deer and beef jerky. For all of our Turkey Hunting Fans make sure you book a hunt with Turkey Trot Acres in Candor, NY!  The Clare’s will provide the ultimate experience at their lodge!

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